jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

El irresistible aroma de la magnolia


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deBea dijo...

Hold On Magnolia

(si alguna pensaste que la música tenía sentido, si decidiste crear tu propio laberinto con las miradas que te sobraron la noche del viernes, entonces,solo entonces, escucharás a Jason Molina y ya nunca más podrás respirar igual).

Hold on Magnolia to that great highway moon
No one has to be that strong
But if you’re stubborn like me
I know what you’re trying to be
Hold on Magnolia, I hear that station bell ring
You might be holding the last light I see
Before the dark finally gets a hold of me
Hold on Magnolia, I know what a true friend you’ve been
In my life I have had my doubts
But tonight I think I’ve worked it out with all of them
Hold on Magnolia to the thunder and the rain
To the lightning that has just signed my name to the bottom line
Hold on Magnolia, I hear that lonesome whistle whine
Hold on Magnolia
I think its almost time